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The big risk.
Village by the Ford 

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Risks, adventure, 
some light Romance - and Laughter.
Escape from your
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  First  book 
309 pages  6.95

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A house, a goat, and lots of fun. Make your own electicity? Did that buzzard really land on her head?


What you might not know about Caravans!

Second  book
House by the Stream
376 pages

Third  book
Wheel on the Hayle
376 pages
Fourth  book
A Buzzard to Lunch
368 pages

Fifth  book
Follow that Caravan
427 pages

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Ever dreamed of selling up, finding some wild deserted valley - buying it, and there living a more primitive, more risky, more exciting life; a life that  includes 
the three young children, and Mum & Dad - the grandparents too. 
A true story of adventure, danger, despair and elation, but most of all, laughter.
Bath in that clear cold stream, live by candlelight - and where is the loo?

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Village by the Ford
is the story of leaving a big house and friends, and the loneliness of the wild Cornish valley to which the family move. It tells of a primitive life by the small clear stream  - of the struggle to survive and create a very special type of holiday retreat.

House by the Stream finds the family on the point of failure, but can they succeed after all? It is not a tale of violence of crime, but danger does lie ahead. There is humour, how curiously people behave, problems to surmount, sadness and elation, a need to improvise - and the children, how do they manage? Could your own do better?

Wheel on the Hayle The wheel is just an idea - but is it practical? Can the power of the stream be harnessed, or will it be candles for life! But this is only the background to a tale of laughter, intrigue romance and adventure - an adventure in which all the family, including the three children, very much play their part.

A Buzzard to Lunch  finds the family in trouble and living again by candlelight, drawing water from the clear stream. The situation is serious but perhaps not irretrievable for there is humour and fun amid the struggle; romance too, a little indiscreet perhaps? And the holiday visitors, how will they behave? More to the point will they still come in their caravans and tents to this wild and lonely valley? If not, food may be scarce next winter, but with a little sly manoeuvring a few risks and some danger - we'll see! Anyway, who rescued Arthur? Life is unconventional but mostly happy, lightened by children's laughter and a little ingenuity - and remember, like the previous books, this is a true story - you can actually visit when you come to Cornwall.

Follow that Caravan  The latest book, last in the series - now available.  Teenage children always seek independence; fathers resent it and mothers try to keep the peace. How empty will the house be when they leave but there are compensations - those three owls in the bathroom for instance and 300 wasps in the kitchen! Life in the valley will never be normal. "What's important about blood?" Chris asked - and why was Jan tied to the top of a forty foot steel tower? Oh yes, and what about that tussle with authority, the great courtroom battle, a mystery to this day that may still be unique? Will you weep for Susan and laugh at the other strange happenings? And it's all true. Something else is unique too - but for that you must read the book.
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   These are gentle novels, plenty of action but no bad language or gratuitous violence, so they make super presents - could be just what you need for someone's birthday, anniversary, or Christmas? Some chapters can be a little cheeky, so read them and see if you approve before giving them to the children.
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.THE  PICTURES    Being based on a true story, some photos of the quieter moments are available. A few are included in the books but to see them in full colour click the book titles above. As to the more adventurous parts - those you must read about, for who bothers with a camera when things get dangerous! 

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4th book  A Buzzard to Lunch       
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